Jameson Golf Links

Jameson Golf Links


The renowned Portmarnock Resort, formerly Portmarnock Hotel & Golf Links, has unveiled its recently remodelled championship golf course under a new brand name, but one of great historical importance - Jameson Golf Links. The rebrand follows the multi-million euro renovation of Bernhard Langer’s original 1995 design, masterminded by Jeff Lynch and his team on a site inextricably linked to the famous Jameson whiskey dynasty – a family who played an instrumental part in introducing the game of golf to Ireland. In the 1850s, John Jameson built his own private course on the site which would have been used by friends and family coming from Scotland. Three of the Jamesons, including John, are laid to rest in the graveyard to the right of the first hole, and the old family home – St Marnocks.
Enhancements made to the course include the ambitious elevation of greens and tees from the eighth hole all the way through to its breathtaking finishing stretch. Visitors can now marvel at picture-postcard views of Portmarnock’s Velvet Strand beach, the Dublin city skyline and the famous uninhabited island – known as Ireland’s Eye – which greets visitors as they land in nearby Dublin Airport. The rerouting of certain holes has led to several significant changes on the final ten holes. The previously dog-legged eighth has been transformed into a straighter par four following the development of a new fairway, green complex and grass pathways – as well as moving an irrigation lake which has greatly increased the course’s water collection capabilities and sustainability credentials. Both the 12th and 14th holes – previously par fours – have been redesigned as par fives, with the raised green area on the former providing incredible views of the Velvet Strand, Howth Head, Lambay and Ireland’s Eye. In between those new par fives, the once par-five 13th is now a very challenging par four, becoming the course’s stroke index one in the process. The 15th has been shortened from a par four to a par three, and plans are in place to change the 17th from a par three to a par four in early 2024 to provide another birdie opportunity over the closing holes.

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